Why Wood Furniture Refurnishing Is A Smart Investment Than Buying A New One?

In almost every home you can see different kinds of wooden furniture. Whether you’ve a typical wooden bedroom set or if you’ve a dining table that’s made of antique wood, approximately everything in your house associates back to the same substance. Though beautiful in nature, wood has the propensity to deteriorate over time & lose its visual appeal. This is why you may wish to take the advantages related with refinishing wooden furniture. Here is how refinishing your wood furniture comes with a great number of advantages.

Protecting the environment:

The prime reason why you must consider refinishing your wooden furniture rather than purchasing a new one is because it’s simply great for the environment. For a new piece of wood furniture to be made, it requires over 1000 times more carbon than if a piece of furniture was to be refinished. Therefore, refinishing your furniture, you’ll be decreasing your carbon footprint & working towards conserving the earth for upcoming generations. Today, you can easily find eco-friendly furniture refinishing firms to further decrease carbon footprint production.

Making a new style:

Well, another great pros of refinishing your wooden furniture is that it permits you to produce a brand new style without needing to get another piece to get the same look. For example, if you’re keen in making your living room bed more contemporary instead of purchasing a new set, you simply can change the stain to make it darker & more modern.

Saving cash:

Above all, refinishing your wooden furniture is less costly than having to purchase brand new furniture from the shop. It’ll cost you a fraction of the price to have your accessible furniture repainted or re-stained. This is the ideal solution for house owners who wish to add a new look to their accessible pieces but are not keen in the higher cost related with purchasing all new furniture.

Maintaining value:

When you go for refinishing wooden furniture, you’ll be sustaining the value of your accessible furniture. Maintenance is essential to make sure that your wood furniture lasts a prolonged period of time.

Reusing high quality:

One most unfortunate aspect of contemporary furniture is that they’re hardly made of high-quality wood that happen to be in the past. Rather than depending on cheap plywood that will not last more than one year, refinishing your existing wood furniture will assist you enjoy the best pieces for a prolonged span of time.

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Top Benefits of Furniture Refinishing Service in Phoenix

Do you know furniture is one of the things in the home that defines your taste? Have you ever thought what happens when your valuable furniture starts to get worn down? It is true that over the period of time the furniture tends to choose their shine and appearance, because of a daily wear and tear. This makes it important to maintain the furniture with professional care.

Why you should opt for a refinishing service for your furniture in Phoenix?

If the furniture is a family heirloom that has been passed down from many generations, then it is important to restore it by opting for a professional refinishing service in Phoenix. Likewise, it will not prove to be wise in dumping or replacing your expensive furniture after it gets worn out. In this case a reliable refinishing service in Phoenix will transform the worn out furniture into a new one with an appealing look and feel.

Here are the great benefits of hiring a professional refinishing service in Phoenix for your furniture, please have a look!

1-Enjoy the benefit of Custom Designs:

If you find that your dining table does not match with the color of the rest décor, then by changing the color of the furniture as per the requirement will offer great results. In this case professional furniture refinishing service will prove to be effective in providing custom design solutions for restoring the look and feel of your furniture, which will enhance the home décor and aesthetics.

2- Get Professional Touch-Ups:

Do you want to give a great finish to your grand-pa’s antique precious furniture lying at your home in phoenix? Then opting for the refinishing process in Phoenix for your furniture will make them more valuable and leave it in a top condition. You can make your precious furniture (having scratches, scrapes or minor damages) looks new and enchanting with a professional refinishing service.

3- Keep Up with New Trends:

Whether you want to modify your chair or give a new style to the tables or any other furniture, considering the professional refinishing service will offer the best results. You do not have to spend more on buying new pieces, as the old furniture can transform into a new and trendy one with an effective refinishing service. No doubt, the expert furniture refinishing professionals in Phoenix will transform the look, feel and appearance of your old furniture.

4- Long Lasting Effect:

With a reliable refinishing service in Phoenix, you will enjoy the transformation of the old furniture into new one, which will last longer and prove to be durable. The refinishing professionals in Phoenix will help you save hundreds of dollars by restoring the old furniture into a functional and appealing one.

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Tips for Enjoying a Successful Furniture Restoration in Phoenix

Do you know furniture restoration is a cost-effective way to preserve the original look and functionality of your antique and valuable furniture? A professional furniture restoration in Phoenix can enhance the look, appearance, style, design and functionality of your antique furniture. As a carbon-friendly process, furniture restoration helps you to make a good contribution to save the environment by minimizing the effect of carbon on the environment. With a professional furniture restoration service in Phoenix, you will get the assistance of experienced technicians who will restore the functionality of your old furniture in a beautiful way.

Here are some useful tips for enjoying an easy furniture restoration to preserve your favorite furniture and valuable antique items!

  1. Remove the Grease and Oil:

Normally, the furniture attracts all sorts of oils and greases, which creates a layer of dust and dirt on it. To remove the grease and oil, you need a soft cloth and a little warm water. If required, then you can add a tiny drop of vinegar or liquid hand soap to the water to get good results. Before cleaning out the oils and greases, you first need to remove any excess dust from the surface of the furniture by using a soft brush or toothbrush. Make sure to avoid using any kind of harsh chemical cleaners, as it can damage your furniture’s look and appearance.

  1. Handle the Cracks and Dents:

Cracks and dents are some of the common furniture issues, which arise due to wear and tear or temperature changes. You can efficiently mend the cracks and dents by using the wax repair sticks, which are available in a variety of colors. By choosing the right shade of a wax repair stick, you will get an easy and quick fix solution to mend the cracks and dents of your old furniture. If you want to enjoy a convenient and effective way to deal with the cracks and dents issue, then rely on a professional furniture repair in Phoenix.

  1. Treat the Woodworm Issue:

If your antique furniture has holes on them, then it is a sign of infestation of Woodworm. Do not waste time to treat the affected area with an effective Woodworm solution.

  1. Remove the Blemishes:

Are you worried about the nasty blemishes over your valuable, antique furniture? Then simply use a polish reviver to clean it up nicely. You can prepare a polish reviver by blending together a small amount of olive oil and some paraffin wax (add a quarter to the amount of olive oil) and heat this mixture.

  1. Preserve the Original Finish:

To preserve the original finish, clean off the old dirt and revive dull surfaces of your old, antique furniture, you need a good quality furniture wax to achieve the best results.

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Top Things to Know About Furniture Refinishing in Phoenix

Furniture refinishing is all about undergoing a total restoration. Many old furniture or antique furniture can be refinished to get back a new look or functionality. Refinishing furniture involves several processes, which requires the attention of a master finisher and highly skilled professionals in Phoenix. Making the most of your old or antique furniture by relying on a professional refinishing service in Phoenix is always considered to be more cost effective over purchasing the brand new.

Please, have a look at some important things about a refinishing service for your furniture in Phoenix:

1.Deciding on Refinishing:

When considering for furniture refinishing, it is important to understand the condition of your furniture. It is found that painted wood furniture camouflages many scars like concealing the burn marks or water stains, which might have penetrated deep into the wood, beyond what can be removed from traditional stripping and sanding. In this case, removing the old lacquer or etching on to the lacquer (covering ) the furniture with an opaque solid tone finish might be a viable option to restoring a piece to usable condition and at the same time updating the look and style.

2.Ensuring the Quality:

To make an old piece of furniture into its previous pristine condition involves a complex process, which an expert professional in Phoenix can handle efficiently. By judging the furniture’s condition, the professionals will restore the worn out or old furniture and retain the original appearance. Refinishing your antique furniture will prove to be a cost effective option to buying a new one. Professional refinishing will retain the piece’s originality and turn it into a valuable part of your interior décor.

3.Cost of Furniture Refinishing:

Depending on the furniture’s condition the refinishing cost varies, which is quite lower than buying a new one. By choosing a reliable refinish and a custom furniture repair shop, you will get an opportunity to enjoy professional furniture refinishing at a reasonable price.

4.Getting the Right Estimation:

Whether you have single or multiple pieces, Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair is one of the highest ranked and reputable refinishing service providers in Phoenix. They are organized in their customer service and the entire process of getting your furniture restored. Enjoy a top quality furniture refinishing that will leave your old furniture in a top condition.

You do not have to put your granny’s antiques at a yard sale, if these are worn out. By opting for a valuable and professional refinishing service, the antique pieces can be kept in a great condition. You can consider hiring a reliable furniture refinishing service in Phoenix from Better Than New that will offer a superior service in making your old or antique furniture a new lease of life with its charming original appearance. Our top quality refinishing service will upgrade the functionality of your furniture and make it again a valuable piece.

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