Why Your Antique Furniture Need Restoration? What Are The Main Causes Of Damage


When you have antique furniture in your home, it is nice to be  aware  of some of the most common sources of damage. Particularly after investing so much time & money into your antique furniture restoration in Chandler, you want to maintain the immaculate quality of your vintage items. Most of the damage that happens to furniture are preventable. By making yourself familiar with the common reasons of damage you can keep your antique furniture looking superb & well-maintained for years.

Carelessness – This is perhaps the foremost cause of damage to furniture & reasons for restoration. The absence of appropriate care while moving furniture or being around such as bumps, scratches, scrapes and loose fittings. So, always give your antique furniture the care or attention it deserves.

Environmental aspects – Humidity, heat and lighting can have an effect on the state of your vintage furniture. Keeping vintage furnishings out of direct sunlight & in areas that aren’t excessively hot or humid will help to maintain the integrity & condition of your costly furniture. It’ll be tough to preserve ideal conditions, unless the items are stored in a controlled ambiance.

Humidity – Vintage furniture uncovered to consistently humid and damp conditions will make the layering over the wood to weaken & detach from the substrate. This is probably the reason why we don’t notice damage to the furniture.

Not many people in today’s world recognize the importance of the care for antiques around them. It may be from a lack of knowledge not caring. Maintaining and  preserving the value of such precious items is turning out quite a challenge for the art & antique item lovers around the world. But with advancing times & broadening outlook, more & more people are coming forward to take up the job of antique items restoration and vintage furniture restoration is no exemption.

If you’ve antique furniture in your home that have experienced damage because of the above mentioned factors, you may wish to do some antique restoration work to return the piece into its original condition. And doing so need specific skills and materials that can be found only from a professional furniture restoration service like Better Than New. We offer professional furniture restoration in Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert. If you don’t want to cause any additional damage to your already antique furniture, please feel free to call us right now. No project is too small or too big for us.



Tips for Enjoying a Successful Furniture Restoration in Phoenix


Do you know furniture restoration is a cost-effective way to preserve the original look and functionality of your antique and valuable furniture? A professional furniture restoration in Phoenix can enhance the look, appearance, style, design and functionality of your antique furniture. As a carbon-friendly process, furniture restoration helps you to make a good contribution to save the environment by minimizing the effect of carbon on the environment. With a professional furniture restoration service in Phoenix, you will get the assistance of experienced technicians who will restore the functionality of your old furniture in a beautiful way.

Here are some useful tips for enjoying an easy furniture restoration to preserve your favorite furniture and valuable antique items!

  1. Remove the Grease and Oil:

Normally, the furniture attracts all sorts of oils and greases, which creates a layer of dust and dirt on it. To remove the grease and oil, you need a soft cloth and a little warm water. If required, then you can add a tiny drop of vinegar or liquid hand soap to the water to get good results. Before cleaning out the oils and greases, you first need to remove any excess dust from the surface of the furniture by using a soft brush or toothbrush. Make sure to avoid using any kind of harsh chemical cleaners, as it can damage your furniture’s look and appearance.

  1. Handle the Cracks and Dents:

Cracks and dents are some of the common furniture issues, which arise due to wear and tear or temperature changes. You can efficiently mend the cracks and dents by using the wax repair sticks, which are available in a variety of colors. By choosing the right shade of a wax repair stick, you will get an easy and quick fix solution to mend the cracks and dents of your old furniture. If you want to enjoy a convenient and effective way to deal with the cracks and dents issue, then rely on a professional furniture repair in Phoenix.

  1. Treat the Woodworm Issue:

If your antique furniture has holes on them, then it is a sign of infestation of Woodworm. Do not waste time to treat the affected area with an effective Woodworm solution.

  1. Remove the Blemishes:

Are you worried about the nasty blemishes over your valuable, antique furniture? Then simply use a polish reviver to clean it up nicely. You can prepare a polish reviver by blending together a small amount of olive oil and some paraffin wax (add a quarter to the amount of olive oil) and heat this mixture.

  1. Preserve the Original Finish:

To preserve the original finish, clean off the old dirt and revive dull surfaces of your old, antique furniture, you need a good quality furniture wax to achieve the best results.

If you want a convenient and comfortable way of furniture restoration and repair in Phoenix, then rely on Better Than New. We provide top quality furniture restoration service in Phoenix at an affordable price. Better Than New is proud to be rated as one of the leading and reputable refinish and custom repair shop in Arizona.

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