Why Your Antique Furniture Need Restoration? What Are The Main Causes Of Damage


When you have antique furniture in your home, it is nice to be  aware  of some of the most common sources of damage. Particularly after investing so much time & money into your antique furniture restoration in Chandler, you want to maintain the immaculate quality of your vintage items. Most of the damage that happens to furniture are preventable. By making yourself familiar with the common reasons of damage you can keep your antique furniture looking superb & well-maintained for years.

Carelessness – This is perhaps the foremost cause of damage to furniture & reasons for restoration. The absence of appropriate care while moving furniture or being around such as bumps, scratches, scrapes and loose fittings. So, always give your antique furniture the care or attention it deserves.

Environmental aspects – Humidity, heat and lighting can have an effect on the state of your vintage furniture. Keeping vintage furnishings out of direct sunlight & in areas that aren’t excessively hot or humid will help to maintain the integrity & condition of your costly furniture. It’ll be tough to preserve ideal conditions, unless the items are stored in a controlled ambiance.

Humidity – Vintage furniture uncovered to consistently humid and damp conditions will make the layering over the wood to weaken & detach from the substrate. This is probably the reason why we don’t notice damage to the furniture.

Not many people in today’s world recognize the importance of the care for antiques around them. It may be from a lack of knowledge not caring. Maintaining and  preserving the value of such precious items is turning out quite a challenge for the art & antique item lovers around the world. But with advancing times & broadening outlook, more & more people are coming forward to take up the job of antique items restoration and vintage furniture restoration is no exemption.

If you’ve antique furniture in your home that have experienced damage because of the above mentioned factors, you may wish to do some antique restoration work to return the piece into its original condition. And doing so need specific skills and materials that can be found only from a professional furniture restoration service like Better Than New. We offer professional furniture restoration in Phoenix, Chandler, and Gilbert. If you don’t want to cause any additional damage to your already antique furniture, please feel free to call us right now. No project is too small or too big for us.



Top Things to Know About Furniture Refinishing in Phoenix


Furniture refinishing is all about undergoing a total restoration. Many old furniture or antique furniture can be refinished to get back a new look or functionality. Refinishing furniture involves several processes, which requires the attention of a master finisher and highly skilled professionals in Phoenix. Making the most of your old or antique furniture by relying on a professional refinishing service in Phoenix is always considered to be more cost effective over purchasing the brand new.

Please, have a look at some important things about a refinishing service for your furniture in Phoenix:

1.Deciding on Refinishing:

When considering for furniture refinishing, it is important to understand the condition of your furniture. It is found that painted wood furniture camouflages many scars like concealing the burn marks or water stains, which might have penetrated deep into the wood, beyond what can be removed from traditional stripping and sanding. In this case, removing the old lacquer or etching on to the lacquer (covering ) the furniture with an opaque solid tone finish might be a viable option to restoring a piece to usable condition and at the same time updating the look and style.

2.Ensuring the Quality:

To make an old piece of furniture into its previous pristine condition involves a complex process, which an expert professional in Phoenix can handle efficiently. By judging the furniture’s condition, the professionals will restore the worn out or old furniture and retain the original appearance. Refinishing your antique furniture will prove to be a cost effective option to buying a new one. Professional refinishing will retain the piece’s originality and turn it into a valuable part of your interior décor.

3.Cost of Furniture Refinishing:

Depending on the furniture’s condition the refinishing cost varies, which is quite lower than buying a new one. By choosing a reliable refinish and a custom furniture repair shop, you will get an opportunity to enjoy professional furniture refinishing at a reasonable price.

4.Getting the Right Estimation:

Whether you have single or multiple pieces, Better Than New Fine Furniture Repair is one of the highest ranked and reputable refinishing service providers in Phoenix. They are organized in their customer service and the entire process of getting your furniture restored. Enjoy a top quality furniture refinishing that will leave your old furniture in a top condition.

You do not have to put your granny’s antiques at a yard sale, if these are worn out. By opting for a valuable and professional refinishing service, the antique pieces can be kept in a great condition. You can consider hiring a reliable furniture refinishing service in Phoenix from Better Than New that will offer a superior service in making your old or antique furniture a new lease of life with its charming original appearance. Our top quality refinishing service will upgrade the functionality of your furniture and make it again a valuable piece.

We are proud to offer an affordable furniture refinishing service in Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa and other surrounding areas. Better Than New has gained a great reputation as a leading refinish and a custom furniture repair shop in Arizona that assures quality workmanship by using creative and proven techniques to repair, restore and refinish your furniture.

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